❁ Flower Child ❁


There’s nothing like catching up with friends you haven’t seen in so long over some amazing food. The bonus?

CoCo Pop Waffle.png

The food is even more photogenic than it is tasty.


Life always gets in the way especially when you have uni or school and even though most of us all go to the same uni, I haven’t seen the girls in a little less than a year. Putting it like that, it doesn’t sound like very long but when you’re used to seeing people 5 days a week for 6 hours in high school, not seeing these faces for over 8 months seems a lot longer than it actually is.


You know the people that you can not talk to for years but when you see each other again, its non-stop chatter? Yea well, we’re not like that. Ha got you there I’ll bet. So, its not quite what you expect. Like with others when you start talking and before you realise its midnight. Because of this sometimes I think “Will these people be in my life forever?” When will we stop taking time out for each other.


But then I sit there, in their presence and realise how comfortable I am despite the silence and how they can suddenly make me laugh from the pit of my stomach like no one else can granted that I laugh at pretty much everything. And the best part?!


We all spent 30 minutes rearranging the food and standing up to take “quality” photos. Normally, I would feel so judged and always take quick snaps while constantly apologising. Never would I ever stand up to get a good flatlay. But no! These babes did it with me.

Friends that will look stupid with you are friends for life.

I don’t know if this is normal but I think at this age I’m already starting to find out which friends I want to keep forever and which friends I don’t really want to put in the extra effort for. I thought I already knew by the end of high school but turns out I was quite wrong about many people.
merigneLately I’ve begun to really understand and appreciate the close friends I have, over being able to say that I have a lot of friends. Of course with fomo it is hard sometimes; watching people’s snapchats, seeing people at parties with all their friends and having social lives. Or hanging out with those people who are so popular you have to stop every 5 minutes because he/she needs to say hi to someone else he/she knows. But the grass is always greener on the other side right?

So here’s to more brunch dates and spending quality time with the people you love.

▷ Flower Child Cafe

❁ Flower Child ❁

14 thoughts on “❁ Flower Child ❁

  1. oohhh the food got me drooling! i totally can relate. it’s getting harder to reconnect with friends after you’re going to work or one of you already married. but when we met, it’s like no years have passed. it’s lovely.


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