Festival of the Winds 2016


I feel like  whenever I start a blog, my first post is always at Bondi. Partly because I always feel at home when I go to the beach (not that I could possibly afford a beach front house) but also because it’s such a photogenic location, you really can’t go wrong.

I had such a rushed day but

Bondi Beach

I still manaBondi to Bronte Walkged to get some beautiful photos. I also love it because as a budding photographer I can point my camera anywhere, know absolutely nothing about taking photos (to the point I’m still shooting on automatic) and still get decent pictures.

I know, I really shouldn’t own a nice camera. I’m learning, I swear.

The crowds though, are an absolute turn off. I guess because Festival of the Winds only happens one day every year, a lot of people were desperate to get out to Bondi but I didn’t realise so many people had known about the event. Especially tourists, I genuinely thought this was event was more for locals, compared to events such as Sculptures but the Sea.

The traffic was absolutely dreadful, a 10 minute bus trip turned into 45 minutes and a few passengers were mumbling about getting off. Unfortunately for us it was an express bus so there was no getting out until we reached our destination. But once we did get off, oh the fresh air was glorious.

Nevertheless the kites were absolutely stunning. The ones flown on display were so large and colourful but a lot of people were very enthusiastic and flew their own smaller kites filling the skies with so much pattern and colour. My sister did almost walk right into the tail of a kite, right after my mum said that she was worried she’d get decapitated by the clear tails of the kites.

Ladies, now let's get in formation
Ladies, now let’s get in formation
Festival of the Winds 2016

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